List Management

Are you experienced in the field of affiliate network or e-mail marketing in general? Then maybe it is time for you to take the next step in developing your business.

Lead Production

Once you have build up a solid database or loyalty program, you have access to an amount of data which you can turnover to income. In fact, the database is your company’s most important asset, and we can help you extend it. We ensure the suitable purchase of traffic for our surveys, and this is where we collect the appropriate amount of high-quality leads which you will benefit from afterwards.

Let us do the Administration

We offer effective list management based on the generated data. We simply need to know your business and your product in order to target the list to your specific needs. In other words, we offer you a tailored solution that will boost your sales significantly.

Easy and without risk

Without having to lift a finger, you get access to a large number of data applicable for your e-mail marketing. You are in charge of the send outs based on the received data and soon you will experience an increase of enquiries. You have no costs or risks by applying our data. We do the effort of collecting and managing all the leads and then we split the costs. It does not get easier than that!