Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the world’s biggest social medium. Every third Dane has a Facebook profile and users are not limited to young people. In fact, on a world level basis there are more than 750 million users. Including Facebook in your marketing plan is the most profitable way to use money on advertisement.

Reclaim your Customers

Do you get frustrated when visitors look through your website, but never make an actual purchase? With Facebook Retargeting we can help you bring customers back to your webshop by exposure to Facebook ads about previously viewed products. As your visitors previously have shown interest in these products, the effect of the ad will be high. Your rate of conversion will increase, you will have more interested visitors and more customers will return to your webshop.

Detailed Segmentation

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is the opportunity to do detailed segmentation. Naturally, you can segment by gender, age, geography and education but you can also segment on hobbies and interests. At the same time, you can always measure whether you obtain contact to the desired audience. Advertising correctly on Facebook often leads to a higher rate of conversion than for example Google Adwords.

Professional Versus Do-It-Yourself

Doing your own advertisement can get you far, but if you want full effect of your own efforts, we can help you target your campaign and do the continuous supervision in order to adapt the message to maximize CTR (Click Through Rate). We handle the purchase of Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM) budgets for your website and we are able to effectively communicate your message locally, regionally or globally.