E-mail Marketing

Through the past years, e-mail marketing has grown explosively. Hereby e-mail marketing has the potential to be a flexible and strong tool in every company’s marketing plan.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

CPL is a specialized form of affiliate marketing though which visitors provide sufficient personal information on the advertisers’ website allowing it to be used for sales lead.

TeleMarketing Leads (TM Leads)

The user’s consent is required, If you wish to call him or her with information about products and services. We can help you generate TM leads that you control yourself. TM leads comes from different sources such as surveys and competitions.

Co-registration (Co-reg)

According to the Danish marketing law, you need permission to contact people on e-mail, which is why co-registration is relevant for you. When people sign up for a newsletter about a specific product, you can offer them the opportunity to subscribe to several newsletters regarding other products. In this way, you avoid having potential customers subscribing to your newsletters more than once.

Fast and Cheap

E-mail marketing has many benefits. Firstly, it is an extremely fast and reliable communication channel that is gradually used by most of the population. As soon as your e-mail campaign is introduced, traffic on your website is guaranteed. Second, e-mail marketing is per definition a cheap marketing method as you avoid the costs of print and stamps to send out your material. Lastly, you get in touch with a large number of potential customers, motivated to listen to your message by signing up for your newsletter.


As an advertiser you can build profitable collaborations by sponsoring a website. This is done by placing an ad on the website as well as by helping with economic or editorial operations, for example by writing a blog post or a series of articles.

Build your own E-mail Database

We can help you build your own e-mail database and loyalty program for you to easily and effectively communicate with your subscribers. Measured by ROI, e- mail marketing is a very effective communication channel addressing a wide and positively minded target audience.