Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to pay for only that particular part of your marketing, that leads to further interest or sales for your customers. With affiliate marketing you no longer waste marketing resources on platforms that never leads to a sale.

Marketing Based on Commission

By using affiliate marketing your business is enhanced through promotion on other people or companies’ websites. Your product will reach a larger audience than if you had to do the marketing on your own, and you will have far more visitors on your webshop than you would be able to generate yourself. Furthermore, you only pay for actual results such as leads, number of goods sold, visitors on your website, signups for newsletters, and fans on Facebook etc. You design your own solution and the price is reflected in the results.

No Unexpected Costs

In other words, you don’t commit to a marketing plan where you pay for exposure uncertain about if all you’ll end up with is an invoice. Simply by using affiliate marketing your product is exposed on different online media platforms. Your affiliates guarantee the best placement and coverage for your ad, redirecting customers to your website and thereby ensuring a sale. Affiliate marketing results in a win-win situation for your affiliates and your business, as it brings no risks or unexpected costs.

Draw on our Expertise

You know your product. We know a lot about affiliate marketing. Together we create a strategy for your affiliate marketing leading your business in the right direction. Please, read more about our services on our website and contact us with any concerns – there are no stupid questions. We are always here to help you and advise you through the whole process.